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Vacuum Brazing

vaccumBrRightVacuum Braze process consists of metal joining processes used to permanently join metal parts. The vacuum brazing services process involves the use of a filler metal that is melted under vacuum and drawn in to close tolerance joints by capillary action. The base metal does not melt during the vacuum brazing process. Properly designed braze joints can have strength greater than or equal to the base metal.

Many parts from simple to complex geometry and ranging in a array of sizes can utilized by our vacuum brazing services. Since the part is heated, extreme differences in the part cross section is not an issue and distortion is greatly reduced by the uniform heating and cooling of the assembly. Vacuum brazing can join dissimilar metals. Gas atmospheres are be used to enhance the vacuum brazing process. This can prevent alloy evaporation, and protect the part assembly from oxides and discoloration.

MPI can braze single parts as well as large lots with many parts in a batch. Testing services are available and assemblies can be certified to NADCAP specifications. MPI Consultation services are available to help you design your part for successful brazing.

Design with our highly technological and extensive capabilities is a direct result from our metallurgical and vacuum expertise.

We can help determine the best design, alloy, and fixture options for your braze application. Finished assemblies are fully 100% inspected to ensure joint area quality. Typical assemblies include aerospace and commercial parts, medical and dental instruments. Types of parts include machined, stamped, tubing, cast and sintered.

We are able to recommend how to assemble, design, or redesign your assemblies for better joint integrity and more economical fabrication. Approvals include; General Electric, Sikorsky, Hamilton¬ Standard and Rolls Royce.

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