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Endothermic Heat Treating

endothermicSideThe composition of the furnace atmosphere is constantly changing, so we use the best measurement and control devices to ensure good quality control. This is accomplished by constantly following our standard steps and control methods for monitoring and controlling the process.

Whether neutral hardening or case hardening, a number of variables determine how well a furnace does its job. Throughout the entire cycle we use our extensive expertise monitoring the process to ensure a high level of quality.

Heat Treat Capabilities

  • Batch Furnaces (controlled atmosphere) 48” x 36” x 48”
  • Capable of processing up to 3,000 pounds per load.
  • Capable of atmosphere normalize, anneal, carburizing, carbon nitriding, neutral hardening and carbon restore.
  • 2 Gleason Press Quenching Machines for parts 4” to 24” Diameter
  • Cryogenic Treatment 40” x 56” x 34”
  • Temper Furnaces 43” X 44”
  • Laboratory which includes; microhardness (Vickers, Knoop) , Tensile and micrograph.

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