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Ion Plasma Nitriding

ionPlasmaSidePulsed Plasma Nitriding is a pulse glowing discharge is an efficient method to increase hardness and wear resistance of metals and alloys. The basic technological advantage of this method is the low temperature at which the process is conducted, resulting in very small dimensional changes.

Applications include: Dies and punches for metal forming, gears, crank shafts, pinions, feed screws, camshafts, guides, cylinders, mandrels, molds for plastics, springs, valves, milling tools, drilling tools, shafts and stampings.

Metallurgically Superior Process that provides an optimum compound zone can be formed that will properly match material properties to the application requirements. The characteristics of the nitrided surface can be controlled to produce a variety of results, including; structure of the compound zone, percentage of nitrogen in the compound zone, thickness of the compound zone, final concentrations of the new elements added to the surface, nitrogen concentration gradient in the diffusion zone

Excellent Surface Properties produce a mono­phased, highly ductile gamma prime compound zone for high strength, or a relatively thick epsilon zone for abrasive of corrosive applications, or no compound zone at all.

Parts can be completely finished before nitriding, in their softer state at a lower cost. Changes in part dimensions and surface roughness are minimal, grinding after nitriding is not a requirement, and generally not desirable.

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