MPI Metallurgical Processing
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for precision parts & tooling since 1957!


pvd1In today's competitive marketplace, maximizing productivity and improving quality is a vital element in the continued success of your organization. MPI is a full service metal treatment facility including ultrasonic cleaning to coordinated heat treatments like pulsed plasma nitriding and then wear resistant PVD coatings. Our comprehensive surface treatment capabilities means complete and optimized anti-wear applications for your tools and wear parts which other coating centers can not supply under one facility. Every stage of your tool or wear part is kept under accurate control. We also have a fully equipped metallurgical laboratory offering analytical support, developing new coating applications as well as wear mode analysis.

At MPI, our advanced coating system we can fully maximize tool and wear part performance, productivity and help with your profitability. Our goal is to have a thorough understanding of your coating requirements. Our knowledgeable and professional surface treatment specialist will provide you with the optimal coating solutions for your applications.

Coatings for Tools and Wear Parts

We offer a full range of coatings for tools and wear parts. Based on TiN, Ti2N, TiCN, TiAlN, TiAlCN AlTiN, ZrN and DLC are available for all types of carbide and high speed end mills, drills, inserts, taps, saws, blades, broaches, hobs, gear shapers and cutters, dies, punches, stamps, extrusion molds, die cast molds, medical and dental tooling, also wear components, like shafts, pump parts, compressor parts, bushings, bearings and others.


Our new advanced coating system represents the highest standard of modern hard coating technology for tools and wear parts. It is unequaled in both coating quality and long term coating process reproducibility. The revolutionary Platit Linear-Arc-Concept, with a new type of arc control (MAC), magnetic arc confinement allows maximum coating flexibility, efficiency and guarantees incomparable production consistency and coating performance.


  • Superior coating performance
  • Coating reproducibility
  • Excellent coating adhesion
  • Coating uniformity
  • Exceptional color and appearance
  • Coating can be applied to almost any type, shape and design
  • Development in new coatings

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